Spring semester at Kenwood

App Authors will start a seven week program at Kenwood Elementary School beginning in the spring semester. We’ll be working with Kenwood’s school librarian and media specialist Miriam Larson during the after school Tech Time hours; the program is geared for fifth graders but younger students are welcome. We’re excited to be part of Kenwood’s technology vision to create immersive technology environments where students will transcend simple usership to become digital producers.

This session will be focusing on student collaboration–kids will be working together throughout the design and evaluation steps. Lauren Gray, CCB graduate assistant, will be leading the program, walking student and volunteers through the seven steps of predesign, brainstorming, coding, feedback, redesign, and sharing. We’ll also be instructing kids on giving helpful, specific feedback and honing their critique skills.

Our volunteers will be serving as research and note takers as well as classroom aides. If you’re wanting to volunteer, please contact the CCB staff at ccb@illinios.edu.

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